A central part of our offering is consultancy and dialogue about system dimensioning and selection.

For optimal system performance, energy efficiency and individual comfort, dimensioning must be done competently.

When dimensioning your decentralized system, it is important to take a variety of factors into account, including heating and domestic hot water capacity, primary and secondary supply and return temperatures, domestic water temperature, the number of flats in the system and system heat loss parameters.

At Danfoss, we offer two easy-to-use tools that make this a simple and accurate process:

Danfoss Dimensioning Tool
Developed from many years of hands-on experience, the Danfoss Dimensioning Tool is a userfriendly software platform that facilitates the dimensioning of decentralized heating systems and ensures that you get the most from your flat station system.

Technical Handbook
Our Technical Handbook is an essential tool for the design and dimensioning of heating systems for multi-family buildings. It gives a complete overview of decentralized heating systems, our range of flat stations and key system components to help you to find the optimal solution for any project.

If you want to learn more about dimensioning of decentralized heating systems, our Dimensioning Tool or the Technical Handbook, please use the contact form to request more information.